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We're a company that believes innovation goes a long way, thats why we created the GloGo.

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  • Visible

    The GloGo can be seen from up to 100 feet away!

  • Bright

    There is a wide variety of colours to choose from, all of which are highly noticeable!

  • Easy

    The GloGo can be worn with ease and doesn't restrict arm movement!

  • I've been using GloGos for a few months and I think they're great. So many people comment on them and I'm impressed that they were created by such a young team. I gave some to my niece for Christmas and would recommend them to anyone who cycles.

    - Rowena Small

  • GloGos are a superb product and are really handy and reliable for people who cycle at night.

    - Bibin Koshy

  • A life saving product at an affordable price.

    - Luke Driscoll

  • You seem to have really grabbed this project and made it happen. You've committed to it, taken calculated risks with it that have paid off and you've pushed yourselves and the product way beyond what most Young Enterprise groups manage to achieve.

    - Tom Hartley

  • An essential product for all cyclists. GloGos balance style with safety and all at great price.

    - Alice Ellison